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I Fund Philly Company, With Managing Partner Bryan Ziegenfuse, Provides Customized Real Estate Loans

Bryan R. Ziegenfuse Helps Provide Positive Borrowing Experience to Philadelphia    I Fund Philly is a company that exists to “create the best borrowing experience in the market.” The company uses a true partnership approach to supply seamless funding and a streamlined process, according to Bryan R. Ziegenfuse, a managing partner of the company.    […]

What is Marketplace Lending and How is it Used? Expert Bryan Ziegenfuse Shares All You Need to Know

Brush Up Your Knowledge of Marketplace Lending With Bryan R. Ziegenfuse and Learn Why it May Come in Handy for You Marketplace lending is when financial institutions other than banks match borrowers up with lenders. Marketplace lenders use technology to evaluate and process these loan requests, which saves time and streamlines the loan approval process, […]

5 Things To Know About Commercial and Residential Lending, With Advice From Bryan R. Ziegenfuse

Bryan Ziegenfuse Explains the Important Things to Understand About Lending   In real estate, buying a home is done through residential lending, while purchasing a commercial property, or business is called commercial lending. are very different.   “You don’t necessarily need to be an expert in commercial and residential lending, as long as you find […]

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Lending, With Expertise From Bryan Ziegenfuse

The Ins and Outs You Need to Know about Real Estate Lending In the real estate world, buying a home (residential lending) and a business buying a property (commercial lending) are very different. “The requirements and processes for purchasing commercially vs. residentially vary widely,” said Bryan Ziegenfuse, who has a decades-long career across the lending, […]